Am I too mature?

Is it attractive for girls to have really deep thoughts and feelings? Like when I want to tell someone I love them it feels like a simple "I love you" isn't enough.

If that doesn't show how deep minds I am I will add one of my poems :

You thought I was weak but I proved you wrong.
I fight for what I believe in and it makes me strong.
I break at times
But I'll fix myself
I'll stay in my shell until you hurt me
Then I'll become a bomb
But you can't destroy me.


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  • reading peoples poems makes me feel embarrassed for them. so i dont want my girl to do that lol. i had a girl sing to me in my voicemail. that was just horrible lol.


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  • I think that sometimes coming off to strong with a guy can be a turn off for some. Dont be so quick to tell a guy that you love him first, you dont really know him and dont want to get attached especially if he doesn't feel the same way.


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  • Is not mature if u say u are mature. People who are mature show it rather than saying it. Hence they don't have the necessary to show off

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