Should I just realize I'm not meant for long-term dating?

Should i i just realise im not ment for long term dating?

I dont date much, i want to but i rarely seem to meet datable guys. If the are datable it never works out

But im friend, she seems to get dates left and right. I get it, she is very sweet, friendly, pretty and curvy, what is not to love? But it doesn't help that i can barely get a second date, the rare time i get a date to being with. I thought i was getting a date with this guy i have been messaging, but he used a long time to answer, same thing happened with the last guy i went on a date with. so im obivously assuming he lost interest before even meeting. So basically i can barely get a text back, at the same time she send lovy dovy messages to the guy she is dating.

I just feel like i can't get a boyfriend unless i am like her or someothing similar. Sure im friendy and im nice, im pretty to some people and im curvy. im just sick of not feeling like im good enough, its nit my friends fault, i get why guys want to date her. I just wish i was more datable


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  • Being "sweet" and "friendly" will ALWAYS help a girl get a guy.

    • Im not sweet, but im am friendly and nice person

    • Friendly and nice are good... but u gotta be sweet as well.

      What I think your friend is doing that you're not, is taking the time to make the man feel wanted and desired. These are the women that men find so alluring!

      I can imagine u being the cute friendly social girl... that treats guys too platonic, to the point the guy has NO IDEA if you want him or not. :-/

  • no u can


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  • Same... lol

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