Do you think some people are incapable of being loving?

I was just thinking that there are some personalities that can only think logically, and that means they have no understanding of feelings. If their wife was beaten up by their child for petty things, they would think logically that they love their child more and it was their wife's fault. There's no empathy for the wife. It's all logic, it's all "it's no big deal, let's just move on" there is no empathy... because it's just how they are.

I am beginning to think that there are people out there that just are not capable to love anyone. They can only think of themselves, in their minds there is ONLY them. They can't fathom anything else other than their own happiness and what they think they are (the best the hardest worker, most loving) but they can't be empathetic, they can't comprehend how their behavior or words can hurt anyone else other than them...

It's hard for me to explain. Maybe you can do better?
Do you see the bad guys in movies? are they capable of love?
they are just full of themselves, full of hate, entitlement, anger, resentment, judgment and focused only on hurting others.

What do you think?

  • yes, some people have no love
  • no, all people can love
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