Why do most people feel pride in targeting White people for "privilege" or slavery when the Islamic slave trade was the mostbrutal/killed more/longer?

White people with their "white privilege" are number 16th on the pole of average earnings in america. Below nigerian and other African immigrants also.

The muslim slave trade captured more europeans than the whole of the black atlantic slave trade. The muslim slave trade also captured and killed and was more brutal against black people but we don't learn any of this in school. The muslim slave trade of blacks lasted 1400 years


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  • let's not forget that black people owned black and white slaves, and sold both to muslims... oh, but nobody wants to talk about that... give it a rest. white privilege does not exist.

    • yeah, i wonder why liberals LOVE muslims so much. What is so attractive about blaming themselves and they don't seem to know anything about Islam including the fact that the muslim slave trade killed estimates of above 500 to 1billion black people. Black people are still enslaved today..

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