Can people who lives in USA help me?

I live in a warm climate in Mersin (South of Turkey). I am accustomed to this climate and I like this climate. I can move in the US for a reason. Where are hot climate in the USA very effective and cold climate less effective?


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  • I have lived in both miami and Texas.

    Miami has less variation in the climate. It is hot and humid year round, with a slight decrease in temperature during winter (our winter is 70-80°)

    Texas has both extremes. It is extremely hot during the summer (above 100) and during the winter it gets down to the 30-40's and sometimes snows.

    • i love to swim too.. and i better find cheaper. which one do u suggest to me?

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    • But I mean, don't expect to live in a big city like miami or around Dallas without shelling out money. You're welcome for my answer too, by the way

    • thanks for answer. you talked about money. i am a physiotherapist and i will live alone. do u think that i can pay for a big city?

  • Arizona

    • let me search arizona. thanks :)

    • I would love to move to Tuscon.. I stay here in shitty Indiana to be close to my family and friends.

  • Move to texas

    • do u compare Miami and Texas?

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