What would you think about a guy who?

This guy I've been dating recently didn't really wanna show me his old pictures then I found out why

he was bald, so he wears a wig
his natural eye colour is brown, now he wears blue contacts
his jawline was totally different, he had surgery
even his forehead was totally different, he had brow bone reduction and probably a nose job, also he didn't have high cheekbones, now he does

is this guy too obsessed with looks in your opinion?


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  • Way too much... He can't clinicaly remove underlying problem.


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  • There are huge self-esteem issues at play there. Did you discuss why he made all these changes and ask if he expects to have more work done? Typically, those concerns continue, even after they've had cosmetic surgery.

    • Yes I asked why did you get surgery you were attractive already and he said I just wanted to look even better, he hasn't had surgery for years though... that's what he said.

    • Well, if he's sure he's satisfied with how he looks now, I guess it's fine. I'd just wonder if he'd change his looks completely again.

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  • no, he's probably just not comfortable with how he used to look. it doesn't mean he's obsessed. maybe ashamed. or shy.

  • He's obviously not comfortable with himself. That's quite sad. I don't think I could be with someone who needs to change themselves that much. They're hardly even real anymore.