In the end we are all alone aren't we?

  • Yes and it feels so lonely omg😭
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  • No man, in the end we're all together😂
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  • I dont give a fig about it
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  • Yes, we are. But some people are alone since the day they were born (and I'm not talking about not having a boyfriend or a girlfriend).


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  • Yep, technically everyone dies alone, unless they die together in a plane crash, earthquake, or maybe a car accident or tsunami, or some other great cataclysmic or catastrophic disastrous event, so yes, even if you're married, one spouse or partner is more than likely going to die first and someone would still be left behind on their own.

    Besides, no one else can feel what we're feeling, think what we're thinking, simply because they are not us, and can't ever be us, they will always be who and what they are, and we will always be who and what we are.

    • Thanks for MHO! People still believe that just because they are in a relationship and have someone that they will not die alone, and they are so wrong and won't realize the truth until their final moments happen.

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  • We're all in this together


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  • We were born alone we are going to die alone, no feelings involved.

  • It's better to be lonesome alone than to be in bad company.