Are Professional male athletes better and more athletic than Professional female athletes?

  • Yes, the guys are better athletes
  • No, the girls are just as good as the guys are
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  • An Olympic female athlete has the cardiovascular ability of a 14 year old boy..

    USA Women's Olympic hockey team trains against and LOSES to high school boys hockey teams.

    In physical ability women and men are not even close. Not that it's a competition we are simply a sexually dimorphic species.


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  • Comparing the two is complicated considering the fact that male bodies are built differently from a female body, after all height and strength give massive benefits to the athlete and men have more of both in general naturally than females.
    If females had the exact same bodies as men they would pretty much be on par with them, no doubt.
    How "skilled" they are though I think is the same for both, females just have the disadvantage of a different body.

  • depends on the person. Why are we pitting each sex against one another. Everyone is a good athlete in their own right.

  • That question CAN'T BE serioua


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