British people of GAG, do you pronounce the word 'games' like this?
^^ me saying it

This dude says it like that @2:24


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  • I think that it's specifically that dude's accent, I don't think that I say it like that but I never really noticed! :P

    • Just FYI he has a fairly generic accent. I know it's not the "classic" accent but it's a fairly region neutral accent.

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    • It's a southern accent but it's not region specific. Take a southern London next to an Essex or Kent accent and you won't match at all. I know England is a small place but it is possible to have a generic southern accent without a region specific place.

      I have a southern twang/accent but I'm not southern.

    • Just FYI you can have generic midlands, southern and northern accents. There was distinct accents to all places but a generic means you don't have that particular sound.

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  • Yes?

    He's just saying "the games". The way he said it at the start is he same.

    I don't see what's unusual? Games isn't a particularly different word - I've never ever heard someone say it like you. No offence but you sound Spanish with your mouth full of food, or like you've been challenged to say it 17x faster

    • probably because its your accent and thus don't recognize how different it sounds

    • When my internet is with working I will record myself saying the games for you. I have a fairly non-region accent. My boyfriend says I'm posh but that's because he has both a northern and southern twang.

      My mother is from Kent which is famous for the barth and grarss accent. My brothers have it, I don't. I take after my father.

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