I started really changing after the loss of my friends. Is this a good or bad thing?

After the end of highschool, I've been seeing my old friends less and less. At first, this sent me spiraling down a bit since I relied on them a lot. Hell, I still get depressed because of it every now and then.

But I can almost feel my personality changing because of it. I'm starting to speak my mind more and care less if it hurts people's feelings. I'm starting to rely less on the opinions of those I once tried hard to please. It's becoming easier to be ruthless with people who deserve it as opposed to be not doing so out of fear of losing them or getting in trouble. It's also becoming easier to cut off friends I still have if I feel they aren't true to me. I don't really pretend to care about things anymore. Meaning I won't pretend to give a shit about someone just to be nice.

I'm asking because my parents think I'm becoming some kind of Psychopath. My mom has passive-aggressively noted my more "don't give a shit" attitude towards others. And my dad, being a teacher at a school for delinquents, is convinced I'm going to be a murderer.

I personally think my mom needs to stop living in Happy-Drop Jolly Fun-Time Land, and my dad needs to stop lying about being an army vet. But what do you think?


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  • thats a good thing


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