What's his deal? and should I keep talking to him?

So I've recently met someone really cool. At first, I do think there were sparks but then as we kept talking and hanging out, it seems like we're just good as friends. Not to mention, he suddenly brought his girlfriend up. It was shocking to me because he was flirting with me and being really attentive so I wasn't disappointed because it was too early to be but I was shocked. So from then on, I saw him as just a friend and didn't take it seriously. But he continued to be him, the really attentive one and I'm just like, does your girlfriend know you're like this? or you're just being disrespectful to her? He is a well-rounded, nice person so he's not a bad boy or anything which is why I'm even more confused as to why he continues to flirt knowing I am aware of his status. Overall though, we get a long so much, we have a lot in common, at this rate, it seems like we can be really good friends, you know when you have someone who just gets you and you find comfort in talking to them? that's where we both stand. He really likes talking to me because we share a lot in common and I do enjoy talking to him, and all of it is innocent. I don't flirt with him and our messages are strictly fun and clean. By the way, he rarely mentions his girlfriend. We talk about a lot, we talk about friends and family but the only time he mentions her is if I bring her up and he rarely says a lot. So what is his deal? and is it okay if I keep talking to him? cause I do enjoy it, not even in a romantic way just as a really good friend. But I'd be lying if I said there's not a possibility of us being together as more than friends.


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  • I have had this before and honestly he did deny me - which is okay, he liked someone else. But now we have been closer friends ever since and I can always depend on him. Whether or not he has a girlfriend try not to make it turn into anything romantic right now because sometimes being friends is better at the end of the day.

    Try not to make a move - don't get yourself into any unwanted drama. When it is meant to be your time will come. But try to focus on you now and even try talking to other guys - this can help prevent any emotional attachment.

    • That's true. There have been other guys who spark me emotionally and physically which has really distract me from him because at first it was just him but then others came along plus he has a girlfriend so it all just turned into this nice friendship. At this point, I'm not romantically interested in him but I do like his company and vice versa. I hope we stay in touch and who knows maybe later we do end up being more than friends, I wouldn't mind because I can see myself in a relationship with him. But as I said before, right now I'm not into him like that although it kinda changes every now and then.

    • Thats understandable it is hard to not have feelings for someone you admire so much :)

      Maybe give the other guys a go to pass the time?

    • Yeah I've been sort of focusing on them more in a flirty way and it has made time pass by which is also why I dont have those type of feelings for him. We just became friends and we'll see what the future brings unless him and his girlfriend are really serious

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