Do people really think Clinton will steal the presidency from Trump?

Wake up liberals, you lost, get the fuck over it. vote for someone else in 2020 if you're unhappy, and tell your lazy peers who stayed at home election day to get their asses up and vote this time.


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  • Nope. This is just a means of trying to discredit Trump. You can't blame them for trying

  • We need Trump as the President! I really doubt Clinton could get it at this point.

  • How would that even possible? You're being ridiculous.

    Wake up due. You won. Repuglicans are the ones who need stfu up about it already.

  • I've been so fucked over... i can't even keep thinking about politics.

  • Clinton should never be the president. She is a war monger. Liberal don't understand democracy I guess

  • This is just a part of the bigger plan towards white genocide. They weren't expecting trump to win so when he won liberal regime tries to out trump because trump will stop white genocide

    • Haha "white genocide", even if that was a thing (which it isn't lol), who committed ACTUAL genocide against Native Americans again? White people. Needless to say while actually committing genocide against white people (that would mean murdering them for no real reason) in revenge would be wrong, it's very hypocritical to complain about believing it's happening just because white people are slowly becoming equal to minority groups instead of being considered "superiors". Just saying homie, just saying.

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    • @MaiNameIsSunshine
      Again you can't refute because I'm actually making sense.. Im backed up by statistics, facts and prediction.

    • You have statistics anf while the numbers don't lie, your interpretations are all to suit your victim agenda.

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