Do You Recommend Refurbished Computers?

I'm thinking about buying a refurbished computer, a mac laptop. I was encouraged to use the Mac of All Trades website. Has anyone ever bought a refurbished computer? What brand? and from what store/website?
What was your experience? Do you recommend it?


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  • as a person that works in the consumer electronics industry, i would not recommend a refurb unless you simply cannot afford a new one. The price difference between new and like model refurb usually isn't that much and the quality levels and support are vastly different

    • How long do refurbished computers typically last?

    • The issue with refurb is that they often take units with issues retest them and ship them out again. It is possible to get very good units that are as good as new, it is also possible to get units that are a problem. Id say this, if you have a specific need for a unit and you can only afford refurb, then buy it, but make sure you get it and put it through it's paces quickly and thoroughly and make sure their warranty and return policy will be acceptable to you under a scenario where you have to make a return. If you have the money available i would really recommend buying a new one. Again, you can get lucky and get a unit that is just as good as new, but it's kind of like rolling the dice.

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  • I never buy anything refurbished. But if you do, buy it at a store where they have good warranty, support and return policies for them, such as for at least 1 year. So if something were to go wrong they either fix it for you locally or they would refund your money back.


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  • I think I got one/ hp and it's going great
    I bought from Best Buy

  • I reccomend not buying a Mac

    • I've had a refurbished laptop before though and it lasted 5 years

    • Why do you not recommend buying a mac?
      Five years is a long time. What kind of refurbished laptop did you have that lasted 5 years?

    • It was a Toshiba Satellite.
      And because Apple is just stupid.