Tired of the loneliness, is there no hope?

I do well in many things, but most of the times my overthinking screws things up in my personal life. Since my last breakup, 2.5 years ago, I have missed too many chances.
I am tired of this game I don't know what to do, and now even if there's a chance i Just don't feel like pursuing because my mind says "whats the point, you know how it's going to end anyway"

this is interfering my everyday life now! How do I help myself, I am tired of motivating my self everytime. Please help.


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  • I would suggest you look for guidance from a good clairvoyant. You may miss out
    on meeting "the one" if you give up from frustration or miss out on a "chance meeting her". Timing is important, you will eventually meet the one that belongs to you, obviousley youd prefer sooner, rather then later.


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  • I am not tired of it but still feel oddly.
    I come to see people's post to get inspired about life... from outside though.

  • let it go