First tattoo on the ribs? Good or bad idea?

So I've been wanting this tattoo for 4 years now and I'm finally old enough to get one. I wanted it to be kinda small but on my ribs, I wanted it to say "we all make choices, but in the end our choices makes us" with a realistic blue butterfly on top of the first letter. A lot of people told me it was a bad idea because of how much the pain will be, and also because it's my first tattoo and it would be a horrible placement for my first time. I understand it will hurt like a bitch but I still want to get it.

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What Guys Said 1

  • I am very against tattoos for multiple reasons and I had this talk about tattoos with my girlfriend of 6 months a few months back. So just hear me out please. When she was 16 she always thought she would have several tattoos because of the friends that she hung around. It was the cool thing to do. As she got out of high school she only thought about getting one in remembrance of her grandmother in a hidden spot on her hip. She dated a guy for 3 years who had over a dozen. Now she has met me. In our conversation she showed me an example of the idea of the art and location. I told her it would be a deal breaker for me and why. For me It would bother me looking at it on someone I love. Like I found most beautiful piece of art only to have a stamp put on it. That's arguable I understand. My main point is that your mind changes every 6 years as has my girlfriend so much it's almost incomprehensible. The things you thought were important when you are 18 are no longer important when you are 24 and so on. If it's a sentimental reason and it means that much to you as I explained to my girlfriend would you ever forget about it? Isn't there another way to remind you about it that's not permanent?

    My girlfriend now is so happy she never had the guts to get one and just the thought of it scares her because she's knows we wouldn't be together and our relationship is more important to her. My point here is that if you get one and depending on the location you limit your chances of maybe getting that job you wanted or meeting someone important that happens to not care for tattoos. My opinion is I thing it's a bad idea and I hope some of this resonates a bit.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, you can do whatever you want. It's your body. But yeah, it's true. It's going to hurt really badly. I have watched shows with people getting rib tattoos and they were screaming in pain.

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