Why would a guy care if a girl was ignoring him?

As in woukd it only hurt him if he actually liked her.

Im a bit of a loser. I have trouble believing anyone would like me

No guy in his right mind would like me at this point in time
i didn't think he'd care at all


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  • I didn't get the what you try to say but, I tend do like losers lol and i believe some guys like it, too so he loves you i suppose.

    • He's not a loser. I'm the loser.

      Could it be he was just curious?

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    • I'm pretty but not his type I think.

      From a different culture

    • well, i do love a muslim girl. But i am a fucking atheist. She is a fucking loser and rejected me 2 times. Still i do love her. if you love him don't forsake your hope for good.

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  • i think you might've just answered your own question.
    getting ignored by anyone, who you're even slightly interested in, feels like crap.

    and what comes to not believing anyone would like you, i'm the same. i think it's lack of experience. remember, there's somebody for everyone. instead of thinking of the reasons why no one would, think of the things that are good about you, and if these are qualities you would like your partner to have. most likely other people do to. i know it's hard, but it may help. :) i'm sure you're a catch


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  • Nope... wouldn't care.


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  • First off you are not a loser.
    Please talk to someone you know and trust like a close friend, your parents,
    or a counselor who can encourage you, give you reassurance and help you
    with your confidence and esteem.
    As for this guy, if you like him, don't ignore him. Get to know him.
    Don't worry about culture. If it doesn't work out, it's not the end of the world.
    No matter what, believe in yourself.

  • He could be sensitive