Keep it 💯challenge?

Inspired by @hannahbanana11 ask away peeps.

Anyway, ask me anything and I will answer honestly! The one exception to this is by answering "No comment" to a question you wish not to answer but I doubt that I'll say "No comment" to anyone! Ok, hit me with your questions!!!

Totally copied and pasted that.


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  • Alright serious question: why did you and your boyfriend have sex so early on in the relationship? Aren't you worried he will leave after he gets tired of it? Not being mean or anything.

    • That's fine I have no problem answering this. I wanted to experience sex and try to open up to someone. I'm getting older and I felt ready. He's a great guy and I know that even if things don't work out between us we'll always be there for each other. When I made the decision to be intimate with him I wasn't expecting him to fully commit to me... it just happened. I like him and I have strong feelings for him but if we both decide we're not ment for each other... life will move on and we will continue to respect one another.

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    • Wow that's amazing, I'm not being sarcastic either! I wish I could think like that! I really hope things work out between you guys!:)

    • Thank you. Um it's just the way I was raised.

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