How do you know if a guy thinks you're dumb? I'm not but I'm pretty sure this one thinks that?

He hangs out with all these 'smart people' and I guess would be considered one himself to an extent.

I guess I was upset this one time, and he was just sort of widening his eyes at me or something I don't know it was so creepy.

I messaged him once, no response. When I finally sort of snapped at him, he gave me some weird excuse, then when I replied again no response. I was like fuck why'd I message him


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  • he may not respect you or have an extremely high tolerance and patience with you.

    • You mean this guy in particular or a guy who thinks you are dumb?

      Oddly enough this guy seems to have a surprising amount of patience/tolerance. I have never seen him mad, come to think of it.

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    • He's seen me do really stupid things. Like cram on the day of my exam, (so embarrassing) I'm pretty sure he suspected I failed a course etc. Now there's a reason behind all of that but if I was him I'd be like wow this girl is all over the place. I was 'book smart' too once upon a time.

      I think he's just a non-argumentative person. I've never seen him get mad, for example.

      I messaged him about something no response, snapped at him (cringe) and then he gave me some lame excuse. I just played along wishing him well, no response.

      I think he's not really wired to believe something bad about people he doesn't consider smart. I've seen him be quite nice to a guy who is bad at school.

    • well i think you gotta just talk to him and figure it out that way if you don't already have him figured out yet.

  • Yeah, something you said turned him off, it's possible he thinks you're dumb. Look at the bright side, at least he wasn't shallow: he just didn't like something about your personality.

    • I think he probably just thought I messaged him randomly out of absolutely nowhere. So to him it's like why is she messaging me again?

      When I did reply snapping at him, he was like 'Sorry something something,' and I was like he's lying and I don't have the patience to call him out on it, so I just replied sweetly hope his exam went well, wished him luck etc. (this was the part that had no reply).

      He might think I'm actually dumb for believing him lol.

      No but seriously this guy has seen me do some pretty stupid things. Like on the day of my exam he's seen me cram like crazy having no idea about what's being tested etc. I'm so embarrassed I hope he's forgotten

  • You can pretty much tell by the disgusted look on his face

    • This guy hasn't really given me a disgusted look.

      But yeah I can think of two people who've done that. Is that really him thinking I'm dumb though?

      I thought it could also be disgust at maybe assuming something about me that's not necessarily true (that I'm lazy or way too affected by people) etc.

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    • You know the funny part? I just gave a quiz. I have absolutely no idea what the hell the accounting concepts were.

      Therein lies the problem. I am smart as a person, but not necessarily someone who is excelling at school.

      Also yes, I am aware I communicate well. It's the one tool I have going on for me that I can use to make people believe I'm fairly smart. Whether I am actually good at the material in a particular course is a whole other topic of conversation

    • You seem intelligent to me. If I were you I would just hang around people that like you and that have something on the ball

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