I'm poor in English... Could you please give me some advice on how to wish my guy friend a happy birthday?

I have a foreign guy friend whose birthday is coming soon.
We haven't met in person yet. I kinda have a crush on him.
He is now in his hometown taking care of his relative who's got cancer.
He is upset and tired these days.
We didn't talked much lately.
I don't know what I should say on his birthday.
Is it advisable to mention his relative's cancer?
I'm not good at English. Anyone here who could help me think of some words of encouragement and good wishes? I'd be very very grateful!!


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  • I don't know... wouldn't it be better if you wrote it yourself? If the English is perfect, it won't sound like you and will lose much of its endearing qualities. I think whatever you say would be better with your poor English grammar because as he's reading it, he undoubtedly hears it in your voice and it will be more meaningful.

    • Totally agree with this. Whatever you say in your own words will be a million times better than words from someone else. Sound advice.

    • Would you be annoyed at a girl's poor English?

    • Nah, you know this guy so it would be the exact opposite of annoying. It wouldn't be you if it didn't have poor English. I mean, I know this is extreme, but how meaningful would it be if you just sent him the lyrics to "Happy Birthday" by the Beatles? It would mean nothing because it's some song written by someone else.

      Like I said, it's better that it sounds like you -- flaws and all.

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  • You know what I would do is type out what you want to say in your native language and put it in Google translate for the English version, that will give you a rough idea of what to say. I wouldn't mention the cancer directly, I would say you hope the person is comfortable and you are there if your friend ever needs to talk.

  • For starters say: happy birthday!! About words of encouragement, well it's difficult cause you understand his situation a lot better than I do, you can try:

    I'm thinking about you, I've seen how much you do to help, and can always count on me..

    Things like that


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