How to convince my parents?

Hi! I'm 16. My family and I have two dogs, they're jack russel females and sisters. everybody participates in taking care of the dogs. I have been thinking about a new dog for a while now, and haven't really discussed it with my parents yet. I just asked them how they would feel about the general idea.

They said they thought adding a new dog might be too much work, and they would want a big dog, only after our old ones passed. (They're golden oldies of fourteen)

Now, I've always liked chihuahuas. I prefer keeping more than one dog, and it's easier to have just small dogs. I've researched chi's, and know there's certain ilnesses etc to keep in mind, I would like to opt for a shelter dog.

How do I start a conversation that will have a positive outcome? I would like to hear answers that are helpful, not just "you have two dogs, shut up" or something similar.

Also, I'm not trying to sound spoiled or anything, it's just that the dogs are family dogs, and I couldn't get too involved with them when I was younger. Most of their playful years I spend in diapers. I'd like to get a chi from a shelter that's maybe 1-5 years old.


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  • Sorry sweets but your parents will have the final word on this as it's their house. Not only the effort in caring for an additional dog but the potential costs need to be taken into consideration for maintenance like vaccinations and check ups, vet care if anything went wrong, food and flea treatment. If you want a dog of your own instead of a family dog then prove you're able to cover all of its care and then approach them again.
    I have a chi and she has needed a lot of care - yours may not but you still need to be able to cover the unexpected. Also the time taken, being home to feed and walk it every night as it won't be your parents responsibility which may not be a big deal now but in 4 years and you want to stay out with your friends it could well be

    • I am very aware that dogs cost money. They know this, I know this. Thanks for responding anyway.

    • Lol good luck

  • Phew your house is gonna stink even worse

    • Jack russels don't stink, at all. We bathe them monthly, or when it's really necessary and clean the house weekly. Your comment was stupid.

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    • Yes, you wrote they didn't agree with it. So what else is to be said? You're asking for different ways to ask, they're not 5, they know you can ask in different ways and it means the same thing. And yes, all animals do stink. All animals. From tiny little birds, to big bear looking dogs. Don't fool yourself.

    • Can you read? I said they didn't agree with the general idea, I never made a serious attempt at asking.

      You've obviously never had dogs then, or not taken good care of them.

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