Name 6 things what be your 6?

NAME 6 things YOU WISH to LEARN to DO?


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  • Dance
    Change a tire (yes, I'm a 27 year old man, and can't even change a flat tire)
    Do an oil change (again, 27 year old man, and don't know how to change the oil of a car)
    coexist with coworkers. I'm not currently working but, I've had some bad experiences. My best friend was telling me that, running a business (which he does), is easy, but, it's the people that are the hard part.. dealing with hiring people who he thinks will be good workers, is what he hates.
    virtuoso (extremely good) musician. if i was, i'd have a job by now. i'm just average at them.
    andddd, the biggest, and most important would be, the one that has affected my entire life, physically, and that's, re-training myself to use the bathroom. this year, i found out that I have a disease called "Hirschsprung disease". Basically it says that my large intestine (colon) isn't working.. and didn't allow me to poop normally. It would pile up and pile up, until at one point, it would become so backed up, that, it forced its way out, all because it doesn't work/dead. I currently have what's called an ostemy bag, which, is a hole in my stomach, with a red ball like object, that allow me to poop in to the bag, in liquid form. I have the option of having surgery on my colon, in which they would cut out the infected part, and then i would have to relearn how to poop, using my anus again (so, essentially, right now, if a girl wanted to peg me with a dildo, it would come out clean, lol).. anyway. If I decided to do this though, there's a possibility of some side effects. The two major ones, are, because the colon is so close to it, that, the penile nerve might rupture, and in order to pee, i'd have to catheterize myself every time... and, when i try to masturbate, the cum would go back in, instead of out, which is called "retrograde ejaculation", rendering me, infertile, which is why, right now, i REALLLLLYYYY want to have a baby, before this operation, in case this happens


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  • Playing the piano
    Learning more languages
    Learning how to cook my favorite dish
    Ignore other people's opinions (when they don't matter, of course)


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  • - I want to learn to play the saxophone
    - I want to learn how to competently cook food in general
    - I want to learn the art of sculpting
    - I want to learn how to communicate in Mandarin, whether it be through writing, talking, etc...
    - I want to learn how to pretty much know the ins and outs of a car, what to fix when something goes wrong and stuff like that
    - I want to learn how to be less offensive to people in public

  • Play an instrument
    How to win a woman's heart
    How to dance
    3d software
    How to work on a car

  • 1. Learn like another two languages (German or Japanese)
    2. Make money at home
    3. I'd like to learn how to talk to the opposite sex (Have not talked to anyone from the opposite sex other than my mother and a few of her friends in months)
    4. Learn economics.
    5. How to grow in height a bit more
    6. How to win the lottery

  • -Learn to be multi orgasmic (got pretty close)
    -Learn how to be a Mr fix-it regarding house work
    -Learn a way to make money from home
    -Learn to communicate in all top 10 most spoken languages (enough for basic smalltalk)
    -Learn and vecome great at economics
    -Learn krav manga (or any self defence, did martial arts for 8 years but its not the same)

  • 1- glass blowing
    2- drive a boat
    3- play the stock market
    4- speak like 5 other languages (I got 3 down)
    5- count to 6 ☚ī¸

  • Spanish
    Japanese or Chinese
    Master an instrument
    Master the art of Capoeira
    Master my French
    To learn what's best for the body, diet, exercise... all the little details xD

  • Fly planes and helicopters
    Speak another language
    Master the trumpet
    I can't think of any more.

  • 1. Wrist 1990'/2000'
    2. Wrist Airchair
    3. Wrist Airflare/ Airflare
    4. Lotus flare
    5. Triple babymill
    6. Wrist boomerang

  • Learn to speak French
    Learn how to work on car engines
    Learn how to paint
    Learn how to draw
    Learn to fly a plane
    Learn how to get a girlfriend.

  • 1) Finish high school with a 4.0 or higher
    2) Graduate from college debt free
    3) Get a job coming out of college
    4) Find someone to marry
    5) Have kids get a house
    6) Get rich

    This list is no necessary order...

  • 1. Write
    2. Complete
    3. Sentences
    4. And
    5. Call
    6. To six


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  • Just Knowing that 6 Dogs/Cats Have a Home with Someone Special this Year, dear. xx

  • Learn to speak 6 different languages (Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Vietnamese and Hindi)