How do you deal with finances with your SO, EX, or roomie? Ex needs money to not go negative; my dad says don't give her any. Should I give her money?

I originally moved in an apartment with my then girlfriend who is now my ex. She basically has been a financial disaster. She wants money to not go negative. Originally she wanted $200 to pay the Verizon bill (she had a bunch of late fees on it because her account was negative at one point), but when my dad told me to say no and give her none, she changed it from $75, then to $70. My dad said she's manipulative, and it's annoying that she always initiates arguments and is very needy. Not sure if her parents gave her money or what. Maybe I'll just give her $60. Anyway, it's a complicated scenario. I'm going for my masters and will get a better job so I won't have to rely on anyone. I'll move back in with my dad when the lease is up to save money (it's up in 4 months and she wants me to move to a cheaper apartment, but I don't because I want to save money). It's really an annoying scenario. If she goes negative, that may make it hard for her to pay for things in the future and may affect me. But if I give her money, that can affect my ability to pay off stuff. I've been paying all the rent most of the time ($745), along with utility and electric bills. I have a car payment and other stuff I pay for. She has her own stuff she can barely pay for. I actually had to help her get a car and have my name on it so she could get one when we moved so she could get to work when she moved in since her parents wouldn't.

I guess I needed to vent and needed to hear someone else's opinion. Can't wait till this lease is up or until I get a better job.


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  • Get away from her, she's just using you. Don't keep giving her all that, she's not even your girlfriend anymore right?
    How would if affect you if she can't pay for her stuff anymore?
    Also, doesn't she just have a job?
    She's an adult, she needs to behave like one.

    • Yeah, she does need to behave like one. She'l has a job and a babysitter job.

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  • Nope, you're not together anymore, why should you bail her out? She's clearly irresponsible enough to get herself into this situation and treat you not bailing her out as actually teaching her a life long lesson of responsibility. Cut her off, it's good you're not together anymore, you can do better than her.

    • Yeah, very true. And definitely can. Thanks.

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  • Don't give her anything! Not your friendship, not your time, not your money! She seems quite useless and you would do better to steer clear of her in every way possible. Don't give her a single cent, she's living off of you and not even your girlfriend should be allowed to use you like that, let alone your ex!!

    • Okay. Thank you. Yeah, she does a lot of the time. With how I pay a roof for over her head and she tries to argue and rationalize everything to make it seem right. Thanks again.

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    • Yep! She lost her job and has to find a new one now lol. Hopefully she gets one soon. The luck I have with her lol

    • Just move out altogether. Of course it would leave her hanging but be honest, would she ever change? Doesn't she actually deserve it?

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  • Why the fuck would you give money to an ex, especially one with a spending problem? Do you enjoy being taken advantage of?

    • Good point. Guess I'm too caring and empathetic still. And yeah, maybe I need to work on not letting people walk all over me like that. Thanks.

  • Who cares? I would pay her if she would let me to fuck her.

    • Uh no

    • You should watch 90-day Fiance of this guy basically buying a mail to order bride, paying tens of thousands on her, for sex. I don't pay for sex and never would -- ever.

    • But she doesn't obviously. He's talking about his ex, not his girlfriend. Besides, you shouldn't pay that much money on your girlfriend either!

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