Over/underachieving NFL fantasy players?

Which players in your team have done better than expected or not quite lived up?

For me LeSean McCoy has had a good year.

Julian Elderman, Mark Ingram have underperformed.


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  • I didn't expect Ingram to do well as he is a system where they pass the ball more than any team plus they have an elite qb in Brees (who I have on my team). The running back Miami hasn't been too bad seeing as he was a second string.

    • At what number would you have drafted Ingram at? I got him at 22 .

    • Lol last week I benched after for the first time and he finally does something.

    • It's normally like that. He went high in my draft too. I wasn't interested unless he became a bargain in the late third or fourth round.

  • are you talking about fantasy teams or real teams follow?

    • Fantasy lol

    • underachieve... aside from a few good weeks Russell Wilson has been a big disappointment.
      overachieve... Steve Smith Sr. took him as a late round flyer. he's been injured a lot in recent years but he has been a very consistent performer average more than 15pts per game

  • Todd Gurley has been a huge disappointment
    LeGarrette Blount and Anquan Boldin have over performed.

    • When did you draft Gurley at? He has been pretty bad.

    • Fifth overall. I wanted Zeke, but he went the pick before me.

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