How rude was this of her to do? What is her problem?

This girl who is an instructor at a dance class, she seems to not like me. I'm not really sure why.

The other one, it's the opposite. She seems to like me quite a bit.

I asked her to post a picture of costumes she expects us to buy in the sweetest way possible. The next day when she asked us about whether we got them, she cut me off mid-sentence.

I was saying, "I found..." and before I was done talking, she immediately looked away. Everyone saw.

Guys? Girls? 🎄


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  • Did you post the question about that one lady not being able to afford the costume you guys wanted? how did that turn out if that was you lol

    That was pretty rude. She could be stressed from everything going on in the dance class or in her life, and got distracted.

    • No I'm pretty sure it was on purpose. I think she didn't like that I asked her about the costume picture etc. because no one else asked her.

      I didn't react to it, but not really sure how to act the next time. Everyone saw, and I am pretty sure the rest of the class is going to try to keep away from me now.

      Ha ha yes I posted that question. It turned out okay I guess. I haven't really seen the lady yet so either she hasn't been coming to the class, or she has maintained a low profile ever since.

      I am starting to see why she might have been irritated with the instructors even if I didn't agree with her before

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    • Was she in the middle of teaching or talking about something completely different?

    • No in fact the funny part is she specifically asked us, "So how's it going with the costumes? Did you have trouble finding anything?"

      She might have dodged the question thinking I'd ask something she might not have the answer to or something, but I don't think that excuses her behaviour. It's still a pretty rude thing to do.

      They probably realize she was being jerky but since she didn't do it to them, I would think they'd get over it.

      You know something that I was wary about with this class, was the fee structure. Most people paid for example $200 for 12 classes. I paid on a drop-in basis as opposed to the full fee, so I think there is a price difference in what I paid, (I think I paid $180 for 9 classes).

      I feel as though she excludes me on purpose sort of like, "you're just a drop-in" sort of an attitude. I've noticed several times that she is quite polite and kind to the other students it's just me she doesn't seem to like

  • Very rude