Is something wrong with me?

I can't seem to express my feelings with anyone anymore. When I'm sad I just keep it to myself. All my friends think I'm strong, badass or heartless because they think nothing gets to me but they don't know I cry A LOT. I just do it in private where no one can see and I'm really good at acting. When a guy lies to me or hurts me I just make a joke out of it but when I get home I cry by myself and feel worthless. Even when I try to be honest with people it won't come out I'll just say a sarcastic joke. My family notices this too and they say something is wrong with me because I can never tell them I love them even though i do it just feels awkward to say and they want me to see a therapist but at home I just feel trapped like I can't be myself and with my friends I feel like I have this image I have to fill as a strong girl who doesn't let things get to her. Only when I'm by myself I can truly be myself and I hate this. I want to be myself with everyone but it's just hard really hard and I don't know why. When I was younger I was a crybaby and people bullied me for this and made fun of me so I tried to hard to hide my feelings it was hard at first but now it's so hard not to hide them. I just wanna be sincere with everyone. What's wrong with me?


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  • Nothing. You're doing it eighth. Showing your card is like handing a baseball bat to another person and asking them to beat you with it. That's just human nature. Smart people understand this.. Emotional retards don't.

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