Have you ever been fired from your job? And Why? And did it affect how you got your future job?

Question says it all..

  • Yup because of politics
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  • Yup because of my own performance
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  • Yup Because of cost cutting
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  • No I have not ever been fired
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  • Other
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  • No I have never been fired but I have quit 1-2 jobs.

    • What was your reason to quit?

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    • Those where his exact words.

    • Well that's bad... Every quite because of politics happening with you?

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  • Yep. Been fired from two sales jobs for not hitting goals that were unattainable.

    It made it harder to get a job because I was unemployed. Luckily I have a new job that I like but the longer you're unemployed, the harder it is to get a job. Sadly a lot of employers look down on those who are not employed.

  • I was a foundry grinder but couldn't make pace because i didn't want to injure my hands. Took me 2 months to find work after that but now i work at my dreM job