Is my sister hiding something about her being laid off?

My elder sister, she was laid off from a corporate position 5 years ago at the age of 22.

She was very secretive about it. She lied to me for ONE AND A HALF years about still working, when really all she did was sit at home.

I don't get it. Why the secrecy. And also, why has she not worked in 5 years? I think... is there a possibility she was fired or that she received bad treatment there?


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  • Perchance. But I can only speculate. Possible harassment maybe? Not sure. Is she usually secretive? If so maybe it was something..

    • I don't think it was harassment. But after that (I realize now looking back even though at the time I didn't know), she was very very insecure.

      Touchy real quickly about the smallest of stuff. Like once she started crying telling my mom that my mother never defends her when others yell at her something something.

      She was definitely out of it.

      The thing is, is being laid off even a bad thing? Especially if it was through no fault of her own, she could lie and say she wanted to switch out of that career or something and not feel guilty because she left due to circumstance.

      But if she was a victim of actual condescension of some sort, I wouldn't be surprised if she was ashamed and embarrassed and felt the need to hide it.

      She was so psychotic over it. When I came to know and confronted her, she said, "It wasn't my secret to tell," all panicky, placing the blame on my mother for hiding it.

      I was like... wow.

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    • Nobody likes being fired, unless they do something on purpose to get fired. There are those people.

    • I got 'fired,' (it's in italics because it's a mixture of me quitting and me getting fired).

      For the longest time, of course it bothered me. But really interestingly, after I busied myself with my hobbies, I realized how important it was to respect others and to give it.

      I was not happy at that place because they were disrespecting me, not in a I have no respect for you sort of a way, but more of a let's try to make her feel like shit kind of a way.

      What I took from that situation is it's what you believe about yourself that's actually important. I know I worked pretty hard at that job and was more than able to do the work assigned to me.

      Maybe if I sucked at it I'd be miserable, but the knowledge that I was fairly capable remains with me.

      I also realized just how horrible people can be. I did nothing wrong and it's debatable if I deserved any of the shit that I had to go through, but I know I am strong enough as a person to not let him define my life

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  • Sis is Old enough to Keep Quiet about her Own.. Business Here, dear.
    However, it is Nice to Know Though if she needs Someone Special to Confide in, you just Might be the One, hun. xx

    • She lied to me for a year and a half. I would visit her and she would be in work clothes and say she just got back from work.

      I cannot believe she did any of that.


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    • But she was on a pretty good post right outside of school. Why would she do an online job without reason?

    • It's in the comfort of her own Living room, like Online dating. xx