How do you feel when your gender does something that gives the rest of you a bad reputation?

- A guy excusing having sex with another woman while in a relationship, meanwhile saying it's just sex, followed by ''I'm a man, I got needs''.

- Or a woman excusing herself being a reckless driver and saying ''I'm just a woman''.

Personally, I hate it when some people think that we're prone to gossiping and that it's a woman thing. I hate gossiping and I hate drama. I also find it annoying when my mother sometimes excuses that as a woman thing.


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  • Honestly, it doesn't bother me that much, when people perpetuate a gender stereotype. It tells me something about them, and I know to avoid them.

    I figure that people are going to believe what they want to believe, regardless. I would prefer that people judge me by my own actions, rather than some stupid stereotype.

    If someone automatically assumes something about me, based upon a stereotype, that gives me a pretty good indication of what kind of person they are. Thus, I know better than to waste time with them, either.

    It makes it that much easier to gain insight into a person's personality.

  • I fucking hate it! My whole life I've strived to be different (not in a rebellious manner). Woman appreciate it but of course I've been made fun of my entire life by guys haha.

  • That's very insulting

    • Exactly and that makes some people fall into bad stereotypes, where they think everyone of that gender is that way.

    • That's true and it's a huge problem for both genders

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