What is our Destiny as a species?

Human life is most important in regards to this question. Every other species simply exists to survive, they live they die, and the world is no better for it. But humans are beyond this. We can think beyond just survival, and now we are on a constant course of technological advancement.

But ask yourself. What is our Destiny? Why are we advancing in technology, to make our lives easier? Picture this for just a moment, human live advancing in technology for millions of years into the future, making our lives easier and easier with each advancement. We are going beyond the fat people in chairs in the WALL-E movie. There must be an end to our technological advancement, and my question, what will we become. Will be become so advanced we will essentially be Gods and bend the universe to our will? Or will we get bored of the power and purposefully revert back because the journey to godhood is more important than the power itself?


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  • Humans no longer create new technologies to make life easier but for a piece of paper that someone tells them is valuable. Honestly, our Destiny is to die. This may be pessimistic but the world is so ready for war that if someone let out a rank fart then we will have World War 3. If war does not end humanity then the fact that we have set the stage for our planet to no longer be able to support humans, we are so close to the PNR that we will not change in time.

    • "Humans no longer create new technologies to make life easier but for a piece of paper that someone tells them is valuable" That is just factually incorrect, the civilisation of 2016 is the greatest in human history in terms of lifespan, technology, and science. We will have wars in the future yes, but wars advance technology, hell the reason we are communicating near instantly is because of the Nazi V2 Missile project. We may invent things that we give value to , but we only do that because we want it to make us happy and make life easier for us. I play on an xbox, do i need it, no, but it makes life easier for me and i enjoy it. New technology, new ways to travel quicker and safer, new ways to live longer will constantly come into existence thanks to technology. But in the far future when humanity has become a true space faring civilisation we will eventuality reach a point where we will know everything. When we have everything, then what? What would we do? Who would we be?

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  • No, humans THINK they're beyond other species. We have larger faculties in our brains and allow us to evolve more, true. But you can't measure what it means to be a human being, otherwise we'd all be doing the exact same thing.

    Our existence precedes our essence, life is absolutely meaningless no matter how hard you try to spin it.

    • Indeed life is meaningless in all honesty, but humans are the most advanced, in intelligence at least (which is what i mean). But the question is what is our destiny? Will we reach a technological peak? and if so then what? What will we do when we have literally everything we want

    • There is no set "destiny", we'll always question the limits of our advancement. We'll probably have doubts that we can continue further and then break the odds. Humans will never be 100% satisfied, no matter how much technology advances, we are insatiable creatures. Once we create something to better our well being, there will be some sort of drawback.