He followed me to the bus stop?

And the best part is I never noticed he was following me.. The next day my friend told me that a guy was following me (she wasn't with me then but rather was in her car with mum)
And the dude was also smirking strangely..
He is a guy that I accidentally said hello to cause he was wearing a leather jacket and one of my guy friends wear a leather jacket... i didn't look at his face as I was focusing on re reading my English essay.
So I said hello.. -sighs-
He replied and I forgot about it as it is not the end of the world to say hello to some random somebody at college. Right?
I had to wait for my and the teacher came late so he took his class while I waited at the seat at the back.
I left hurriedly after the class ended and forgot my book -iwanttohitmyself-arrrgh
I came back to class, he was there. Staring at me really really weirdly like I was some alien
So I said, 'oh haha I forgot my book'
And then I like practically ran..
So yeah.
He gives me the skeevies.. weirdo.
Why would he follow me even though he has a car.. No I'm not a stalker I just notice when I leave that he's in the car. That's it.

and whenever i leave for class he's outside and he starts to stare at me like an alien. I hate it very much. But I can't do anything. He's incredibly creepy. I'm not over thinking it. Really. I know some people just are weird but he does not seem very normal.


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  • Lol so he "followed" you by catching the same bus and going to the same school and smiled and said hello obviously a case of sexual harassment. Report him immediately or next he will "follow" you to a restaurant and eat dinner with his family.

    • He has a bloody car moron

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    • same to you.

    • These false allegations can be damaging to a young man's reputation and will ruin his life.

  • Is this guy really me?
    Hahaha no just kidding. I wear a leather jacket too but I don't have a car and I don't go to college. Yet I wouldn't say no if some pretty girl said Hello to me.


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  • Let him know you see him and others see him too, he's definitely a weirdo. I would let other people know ab it too, and be wary of your surrounding and possibly some self defense. I don't trust a soul out here, and be careful.

    • I'm afraid to say anything to him.
      As for the self defense part.. Well I don't want to say it but I'm extremely even by girls standards. -sighs-
      After reading your opinion, I'm now thinking about all those movies in which creepy guys kidnaps girls. -smh-
      I can't think of a way to tell anyone about him unless he does something wrong.. You know how people are.. they'll think that I'm panicking for nothing even though whenever I see him my heart beats wildly in fear cause he's a creep. My instincts tell me to run the moment I see him.

    • *extremely weak

    • Get a pocket knife, that's something. And just mention it to anyone like your friends, teacher, family they'd understand especially if it's bothering you. You can never be too safe. If it was me I would say something to him. I have a pet peeve of someone just staring for too long, I couldn't imagine.