What were your worst moments of 2016?

So it seems like 2016 has been a bad year for a lot of people, myself included.

I mean there's been a lot of good things that happened that I'm grateful for like having a new job, seeing bands I've wanted to see for years and meeting new friends but on the flip side there's been quite a few very bad things that happened to me that kinda ruined me mentally and emotionally.

What have been been your worst parts of 2016?

-Getting rebounded, played, used then tossed aside by a woman I dated who I had the most in common with and was very attractive. Not that she was perfect but I definitely felt most compatible with her out of all women I've dated.

-Working a job that I had to take due to being employed where I had an abusive boss who would make threats of firing and berate me in front of the whole office over the smallest things. I had stress related pain and anxiety from it so bad that getting fired was a blessing in disguise.

-Having my car crap out on me after getting an oil change. The car I have is better but it made my savings go down and looking for a car while I was unemployed made it more stressful.

-Trump winning the election. No further explanation needed.

-Having so many women flake and ghost. It's weird as this year as I've noticed I've gotten dates and hookups with the most attractive women this year compared to any other year but still gotten screwed over the most. Only times they wanted to stick around, they were either super clingy or just super crazy.


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  • Failing a bunch of college retakes and having to drop out for the year

    Ghosting on good friends of mine because I felt too overwhelmed/embarrassed by all the stuff I had to catch up on, and by dropping out

    My boyfriend struggling with money and not being able to help

    Having to be separated from my boyfriend for 3 months (we're in an LDR, but that's a really long time)

    Being told my brother will probably need a new kidney within 2 years

    And now today, learning my cat has been run over and killed :'(

    *hugs* to everybody :(


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  • I've had a very good year really. Most of the 2000s weren't great for me until 2010. I'm pretty damn grateful to be in better times these days. I did a lot of work to make that the case.

    • That's good. Yeah I mean every year will have its ups and downs but the bad things that happened to me this year really put me in a bad mental state and gave me depression and thoughts of worthlessness.

  • I almost got arrested for a false accusation of sexual assault, and my friend pantsed me but that's it lmao

    • Wow that's awful. You know you can sue someone for that. That's defamation of character.

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    • oh right lmao I'm so stupid 😂

      yeah we sued them, they lost. I can't give more details because it's confidential lol

    • I don't expect you to. I'd keep those details myself as well if I were in your shoes.

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