Why does this guy always go back to the same girl?

Whether he is in and out of relationships with other girls, he always springs back to a certain girl (he's never dated her but used to be really attracted to her)

  • He's not moved on
  • He's a fat player
  • He wants to score
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  • Familiarity. Or because he finds interactions with her comforting and non-threatening.


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  • Because that girl always takes him back.

    Guys always try to come back to their exes. There's a guy that I dated in 2014, I can tell every time he is single and in between girls because everytime he's lonely he hits me up. (I ignore him however)

    So if a guy keeps coming back to you it's not a compliment. It just means you're the girl who keeps letting him come back. If she was all that great to him and he was ready to be with her he'd never leave her in the first place.

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