Is it normal for a mother to be disrespectful to her child if she confides that people treat her badly?

I think people treat me pretty badly. That being said, I also realize the reason.

I am very bad at conforming to a situation. As in, for example, I walked into an expensive store today not looking well-dressed enough, and hence was treated badly.

It's also because I don't have a lot of status, realistically speaking. But whenever I tell my mother about incidents, she actually treats me worse, almost like she thinks no one respects me so why should she.


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  • That's a great mother you got there lol. She should be giving you the most respect of anyone. And that store, I'd complain to the manager or owner because they have to treat ALL their customers with respect, no matter what they look like or do/say.

  • lol wtf. What mother does that? Be a boss. Ain't nobody disrespects me. I go where ever and dressed in whatever. People troll you if you yourself think lowly of yourself. Be strong and you will have a king's aura.

    • My mother.

      In fact, this thing gets almost x30 worse, if the person who has disrespected me happens to have more status than me (eg. they are doing better at school, or they're richer, or they are good-looking).

      Sometimes she turns it around and says I am jealous or implies I am making stories up. Today too she said, "From where to where are you talking about all of this stuff," when I was telling her about someone who had treated me badly who was really good to her.

    • wow tough luck.

    • Do you really think it's tough luck?

      I think tough luck is more about getting a paper cut when in the middle of your exam.

      This is downright insulting on her part.

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  • You shouldn't worry about what people think about you or how they treat you. People generally suck and put others down so that they can feel better about their own insecurities. Also no, that is not normal for your mom to treat you that way, as mothers should be the ones to help build you up, not tear you down.

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