How to have a good day?

How to wake up having a wise midest and a positive mind and love for yourself, believing it will be a good day no matter what?


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  • by believing in yourself


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  • 1) look for the positives in every situation, even the bad ones.

    2) take time for yourself to do things you like

    3) look in the mirror every day and focus on one thing you love about yourself. In time it'll grow to more things until you'll see your own beauty (this helped me a lot when I was younger)

    4) instead of looking at what you haven't got done focus on what you were able to accomplish

    5) working out and mediation helps loads with booting serotonin and sweating out any stress that is aiding a negative mindset

    6) before you go to bed, repeat the thing you want for the next day a bunch of times. It works believe it or not (ex. "I won't eat chips" "I am
    Beautiful " "I can do this")

    7) be selfish! If you're a giving person take time for yourself and say no because you need to take care of yourself

    Hope this helps. ❤️😊

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