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Bad boys, not jerks?

i see questions about why girls like jerks on here all the time. there are a lot of biological reasons for us to admire people who neglect us to a degree and I am not going to talk about that.

my question is about stereotypes. today the media tends to sell things that are "bad" as cool, I presume in order to sell things that normally wouldn't otherwise (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.). I heard on a recent radio discussion, girls where calling in and confessing "bad" things in guys they find attractive, they said things such as

-criminal record

-smoking, even though they found smoking gross

-beating people up

-dressing like a bad ass, etc.

-driving fast

-one girl said she was so turned on when this one guy drove with one hand while rolling a joint with the other

honestly girls, nothing to be ashamed about, it's okay, what's something a guy has done that's stereotypically "bad" that you've found attractive?
Bad boys, not jerks?
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