Do you think this Paris Jackson page is real (personal facebook)?

I'm a big fan of the jacksons and I love Paris Jackson. I have all her fan pages and actual like page on fb. She made it around last year and barely updates on FB. She says she doesn't know how to use FB since she doesn't go on much and she's new. Her recent upload was yesterday on her real like page. Well I found another page but it's an actual page of her not a "like" page. It said her last update was yesterday too and shows her recent picture from today. She even posted a couple months ago on the same personal fb of a pic she just recently added a week ago on her fan instagram. So that has me thinking if it is her. Plus I saw some pictures where people were talking like family and her ex boyfriend michael snoddy's profile were like "i always knew u'd be famous" since 2010 and like "you guys are cute be safe!" I looked at her ex bf's post and all his pics seem to be real and paris commented on one that I saw and even on her fb page she types just like the actual paris it's weird.. this is the link to the profile i think is her uncover personal fb page. ( read it) this is her fan page where everyone can find her. her real twitter. her instagram and this is her ex bf's fb page which they broke up a couple months ago. i looked on her facebook friends which i think is her personal account and see that they aren't friends anymore. I usually know when someone is fake and catfishes celebs but this one seems kinda too real to me. What do you think?
and if you look on friends it shows kalea which was in her most recent videos from today


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  • no lol

    • it's weird cause if you go to the friends they're talking to each other.. hard to explain you have to a very stalker and investigate :))

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    • yes pretty much :)) for her and MJ. i have to re-watch vids over and over again lol

    • lol do you fantasize about her

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