Did you know that Russian Soldiers built the Auschwitz death camp?


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  • Russian POWs were forced to.
    The first Soviet prisoners of war were sent to Auschwitz in July and August 1941. In the beginning of September 1941, about 600 prisoners of war were brought to Auschwitz and murdered along with 250 sick Polish prisoners, in the basement of block 11 using Zyklon B. It was the first case of mass killing of people using gas at Auschwitz. In October 1941, in a secluded part of Auschwitz I, the SS authorities imprisoned about 10,000 prisoners.

    The main task of the prisoners was the construction of a new camp on the fields of the displaced village of Brzezinka (Birkenau). A high mortality rate prevailed among the prisoners - each day on average, 60 men were killed - caused by executions, beatings, harassment, overwork, hunger and diseases. In March 1942, the 600 surviving prisoners were transferred to the newly created camp Birkenau (BIb). In the fall, most of them were deported to camps in the Interior of the Reich.



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  • If by Russian soldiers you mean 'Russian soldier POWs who pretty much all died being used as slave labour' then yes.

    Of the original 10,000 Russian POWs sent in the fall of 1941 to work on constructing Auschwitz-Birkenau, only 200 were still alive in the spring of 1942 let alone till the end of the war.

  • Yes, our prisoners of war built it. And died there. Sad.

    Even more sad that now (((they))) turned it into a "muh (((holohoax)))" by presenting our soldiers as (((their))) people that died there, evolving it into bitching rights.

    • "Soviet prisoners of war are the fourth largest group of victims of Auschwitz camp"
      "Over 1.1 million men, women and children lost their lives"

      Why don't you look up what the Russian soldiers that liberated the camp said?

      Maybe there's something in here: https://auschwitz.org/en/more/russian/

    • @goaded I distrust (((them))) on this issue, especially considering the aftermath (acquisition of a country, bitching rights etc.) and how much it benefited (((them))).

      After all, there were only 2 sides that benefited from WW2: USA and (((they))).

  • I don't think it's true. maybe they get blackmailed from the germans

  • shit i gotta go anon on this one because people are fucking crazy when you question the narrative. But yah. they didn't build it but they added and changed stuff to make it look like gas chambers were happening. definitely did a poor job at it too. They have tested the "gas chambers" for zyklon b gas and haven't found one molecule. Also german soldiers wrote of these as death camps because of the rampant tythoid fever and malaria that killed not only the political prisoners but the gaurds as well.

    • Not saying that attrocities and war crimes didn't occur, they definitely did on both sides. Think the "work camps" for Asians in the US. But the narrative isn't completely true.

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    • Back to /pol/ you go

    • give me a second, it's difficult to find good info on this because skinhead websites and anti-revisionists fill up google. But i have done it before so I will again. There are a few actual peer review studies from experts noting the lack of zyklon b gas remnant, and the fact that the "gas chambers" weren't hermetically sealed. Also the fact that zyklon b is an extremely slow acting poison. Significantly slower than pumping diesel fumes into a sealed room.

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