Do you sometimes suspect your dog is smarter than you?

Or your cat, or any other pet you have or have lived with?
What i mean with smarter here is being astute, having a clear mind and making good decisions quickly. Like, she thinks fast and seems like she always has everything planned in her mind and her plans are always perfect. And i'm kind of... slow compared to her, and i get distracted very easily. Sometimes she even makes me feel embarrassed. As they say here, while i'm going with the ingredients, she's already coming with the cake done. Maybe it's because i have a lot going through my mind and she doesn't (well, i think she doesn't). Anyway, this makes me think she's smarter than me in a way. I think that if she was taught mathematics, she would be better than me in it. Please, don't talk about dogs' better audition and olfaction, for example, because that's not what i'm talking about.


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  • 😂😂😂 lol :D honestly i believe the donkey us smarter than most of people :D once we were watching something and the donkey had to jump over something but he is smart ;) he went from our to the other side ;)


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  • considering my Weimaraner always acts like he wants to go outside then when i get up to let him out, he will follow me to the door, & when i open the door, he quickly runs back into the room to steal my food. i fall for it almost everytime.

    • That's hilarious! I swear my dog tries to trick me too. For example, she know we won't mess with her when she's eating, so when she does something she shouldn't have done, she runs to her bowl and pretends like she's eating (eats just a little and stays there fooling around).

    • 😂😂😂 that would kill me everytime 😂😂😂

      that is why i consider my dogs like my children. because they literally are little furry people. they can communicate if you pay enough attention. they have their own little personality. just like kids, they do things to stay out of trouble, have their schemes to get what they want & have specific mannerisms when they are up to something. it is too funny to watch my weim. he has the strongest personality of the three.

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