Are there questions we just shouldn't ask?

Like who made human beings? Why should we give foreign aid? Do we really need the United Nations? Should gender be part of Affirmative Action? Why do churches pay no taxes? Who regulates the Internet? Why do women gain so much in a divorce? Why isn't marriage a term contract that expires etc. etc.


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  • yes. your question asking if a females child would inherit the DNA of past lovers is an example.


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  • You should always ask questions, that is how we further the debate. The entire progress of humanity has been based on people questioning things.

    I will answer all of your questions, because I'm nice like that.

    1) Human beings weren't made, we evolved. The question is, who made what we were evolved from and the answer to that is Santa Claus.

    2) We should give foreign aid because morality matters. Society is held together by morality. However, it all balances out because whatever we give out in foreign aid is a fraction of what we have pillaged in the first place. What's the cost of building someone a well against the resources that we have plundered over generation?

    3) Gender is not a thing anymore and therefore it cannot be part of affirmative action. We are all unicorns.

    4) Churches don't pay taxes because a government can't legitimately profit from widespread child abuse.

    5) Nobody regulates the internet, it is like a huge cauldron of vomit where all contribute but nobody wants to own it and they certainly don't want to clean it up.

    6) Women gain more in a divorce because they have been subjected to ugly penises. The extra money that they receive is to compensate for their trauma.

    7) Marriage isn't a fixed term contract with that expires because you cannot set a limit on misery. It should be infinite, so that we are better prepared for burning in hell when the time comes.

    I think I cleared everything up there.

    • Why can't I just walk around, point at women and have sex with them?

    • Well, you can but that is called rape. That's not advisable. The issue is that whilst you are making choices, so is the other person. You choose them, they might not choose you. This is what happens when you allow people to have freedoms. Damn democracies!

    • No. Alter their rights. Then I can select them with a point of my finger without breaking the law.

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  • ya, there are. I had this good/bad habit of asking this question to my friends - Tell me my bad qualities. I asked this question a lot that it became a bad habit 😂.

    I got this lesson - focus on your positives and be aware of your negatives.

  • Yes and it's wise not


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