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Writing a story and I need your help. After not living a very positive life, Dan shrinks to a really tiny size. I thought of five obstacles that he could try to overcome, but the odds are extremely against him...
- Dan slips and lands into a giant glass of iced tea, which is picked up by his mother, and she starts to drink it.
- Dan is discovered by his little brother Owen who captures him and wants to keep him forever.
- Dan is noticed by his grandmother , but she mistakes him for a bug and tries to step on him.
- Dan tries very hard to get his sister's attention but he goes unnoticed as she starts to clean and vacuum the rug.
- Dan accidentally gets swept outside and has to survive against giant predators including spiders, birds and frogs.
Who is the best as the inadvertent antagonist, who could be a very tough obstacle for poor little Dan to overcome.
-Also add an idea that you think would be a funny situation for him to try to survive against this giant antagonist. Thank you much!
  • Mother
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  • Brother
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  • Grandmother
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  • Sister
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  • Spiders, birds, frogs
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What Guys Said 2

  • i like the idea od the spiders, frogs, and birds and an idea for that would be for him to some how catch a jumping spider and use him like a horse and ride him everywhere.

    since he jumps pretty far he can get places faster.

  • either the sister or the last one


What Girls Said 1

  • that will be a good story~ if u add romance things there, the sweet and the funny one in his adventure, it would attract people's attention while reading it.

    • Yeah that's a great idea. Thanks. If you had to choose, which one, or two, of the 5 would be a fun situation?

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    • well, if it is the case, then dusting him is better. by the way I'm gonna sleep now. good night. good luck for the story!!

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