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Hello, I've been at this new school (third one this year) for a couple of months now and it's still the same as all other schools. Lonely. I don't know what it is about me that makes people repel me. I never felt accepted at any of the past schools or this one for the matter. It's so bad that I haven't made a single at any of the schools I went to in three years! I get glared at by everyone, I feel like such a freak, weirdo, and absolute outsider. It's nearing the end of the school year so I can't join any of the club's or sports. At first I thought I was just being racially discriminated against but even people of the same race as me treats me like the plague. I have really good hygiene, I try to smile at people (but I'm not use to it so it makes my cheeks sore), I'm a little on the heavy side, I'm average in height and I'm a quiet person due to my anxiety of my speech impediment ( stutter:repeat/block). I mean just recently prom passed and even there I felt like I didn't belong. Sometimes I feel like just giving up, you know just fade away, disappear from everything. Maybe I just don't belong anywhere? Maybe it's my destiny to be an outsider? Why is this happening? Why is it that everyone treats me like I'm a freak, weirdo, creep, outsider?


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  • Maybe that's your niche. In any habitat it will find you. Whatever you are is what you are and only time will tell if change is necessary. Your young, you haven't found your stride socially, perfectly acceptable. Be a loner for a while, figure yourself out. Don't treat it as a punishment or a blessing, just learn and grow. Eventually you'll just look up and find that everyone around you is around you for you, and hopefully you have it in you to recognize it.


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