Confused. Should I remain calm or what?

Ok i did a application for metropcs online like the store told me to and the next day another location called me and told me to come in for a interview tomorrow and bring my I. D and Social. I did the next day and he also told me to bring 11 bucks for the shirt so when i got there he asked for my I. D and Social i gave it to him and then he said the lady will be with me in a min so i waited about 10 mins she came she asked me about my previous customer service job but then later said she will be right with me then he came out and gave me a W2 form and other information papers to fill out. Then told me to keep the second papers that show the commission and etc so after i was done i gave him the papers he then gave me back the 11 bucks i was confused and said they are going to call me and im looking losted. He evem asked me what size shirt i weared and all then after i was done he gave me back the money and said thanks we will call you. Like what the heck? I filled W2 forms?


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