Do you agree to all what Jim Carrey said in this video?

He did said some really deep and thought provoking things in this video. do you agree to all of that?
i really loved what he said in that video.
"I wish that people can often realize their dreams and wealth and fame, so they can see that its not where your gonna find your sense of completion.."

i love that quote very much, that quote is really too damn true.


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  • i always loved him


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  • I mean sure, Jim makes some valid points. Life is about finding your place. He seems to have found his. But it is more of a journey, never stop developing yourself. There is a balance. Sure accept yourself and all your brilliant failings. But never stop striving to be a better version of you. I think what I have found is, that journey cannot depend on external opinion from others.

    It is a very simple, very complicated way of thinking about things. I know it is confusing, but it is the only way I can explain it.


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