If you had to let a great person down and let them know you wouldn't date them how would you handle it?

I mean someone who is really nice and kind to you, and someone who you personally really like as a person, but you just don't find them physically attractive.


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  • Just tell them with honesty and respect. I think way tool many people like to bullshit around. You should just go with honesty but still being kind and respectful. The person may be briefly hurt, but in the long run they'll appreciate it.


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  • I would probably try to take a chance in letting them break up with me.


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  • Well... im leaving my opinion here
    because im in that position atm haha

    • Is it a hot teacher

    • nope
      A girl i met
      Another who asked me to her ┬┐graduation? with her
      And i actually like a girl from my school and i would eventually go out with her but, i need to make these two stop liking me first :/
      im in quite a predicament... aren't I?

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