Why do I get annoyed so easily?

I'm very impatient and easily annoyed by others.
Im actually often complimented on my very sweet and laid back personality. I will NEVER ever be mean to someone to there face.
I'm constantly nitpicking, and I have little patience with what I consider stupidity all around me.
I see what people do or say and I put myself in that situation thinking that I would never do that.
I get annoyed with my boyfriend the most, but I think thats because I know him so well and feel more comfortable expressing my feelings towards him.

I tend to go to him and tell him what annoys me.
Most of the time its not even a big deal, but I like letting it out and talking about it.


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  • this is a symptom of anxiety

    • I believe I do have anxiety, and I did look it up and it said anxiety could affect this a lot.

    • it's a symptom that I have all the time so it's normal with anxiety

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  • I don't know tbh
    I have mood swings too and I noticed I get those when I am listening to music or concentrating on something like essays, painting or etc whatever requires focus.

    If anyone breaks that concentration, I get super irritated and show attitude. So my solution would be to be aware of it and find ways to not let it affect me or otters so much.

    So find or look for your trigger points.
    Things like bad posture, eating unhealthy etc also cause irritability.

  • your're short tempered


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