I just need someone to talk to?

not about sex or anything, just want to talk to anyone. I have been going through a lot and I have no one to talk to. I have friends but you know, the whole masculinity thing. people think I don't feel emotion but I just don't know how to show it properly. it just builds up until I have a short period of depression that lasts up to a month. I don't know. I just wish someone would listen.


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  • We can talk.
    I am good listener.
    Not kidding!

    You can talk to your siblings or mom dad. But a friend is always a better option.

    • I don't know my main problem is having friends that are no help at all. I help them out whenever they're in trouble but when the roles are reversed i get treated like a doormat. I'm just sick of it. My parents are no help, they don't listen until they hear I've gotten into a fight or something but it's always to berate me not console me

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    • I just also hate when people don't notice when I'm feeling down. I don't talk to people I talk to everyday and it's like I'm invisible to them when I'm depressed.

    • People really don't give it damn about others. Its wrong on your part that you expect from them.

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  • Ailec, you're not invisible to them, that's your depression talking. Go to a close friend and explain. They will care


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