Should I join a drama class from the 2nd class or wait until the new term and join the 1st class?

  • Join the 2nd class this week
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  • Wait until the new semester and join from the 1st session
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  • Start in the first class as the second one may be too difficult for you.

    • Too difficult?

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    • So I would have only missed 1 session.

    • Probably not a good idea. I'd recommend taking the whole class.

  • It's probably best to wait instead of having to try and catch up on things you missed out on, it would probably make it more comfortable for you if you waited also.

    • Is there much to catch up on in a drama class? Since I imagine them being quite practical and informal unlike a maths class or something.

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    • Even if I only miss 1 session?

    • Maybe talk to someone who was in that class or the teacher to see if you missed out on much? Sorry I misread it as you missed a full term.

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