What are the chances of someone being bad for no reason?

Someone that was never abused at home, bullied at school and had everything... good parents but still being bad even as a kid

What are the chances of dealing with a real life Michael Myers type (1978 original) like this:

In the original version, Michael doesn't come from an abusive household. He has both parents, an older sister that's concerned about his weird tendencies and a baby sister. When he's only 6, he goes crazy and kills his sister.
According to the further description his parents were worried about him, would visit him on the medical facility and were hoping there was a cure for their son but they died in a car accident.

Another example would be the movie The Good Son... he was evil even with a good upbringing.


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  • I think that can be a reason in itself sometimes. Cause seriously there is no greater lesson than a lesson of pain. Without anything painful happening to you through your life you become rather indifference too it and probably would never care if you hurt someone else, how could you relate? I think it can be a rather ironic way of becoming insensitive and maybe very cold. Although honestly, world is messed up so kinda even doubt anyone really could grow up to say they were 20 without something "bad" happening in their life.

    In either way, I would say humanity is rather evil by default really, kinda have to fight their own nature to not become evil. What does it take to be evil?, nothing. Just nothing. What does it take to be good... ohh so many things. You need to be patient, kind, thoughtful, caring, loving, sweet, respectful, appreciative, giving etc. The list could be endless really, being good require something from you anyway. Being evil dosent require anything at all. Which Is why I would always say being evil or bad is just weak.

  • complex ptsd is the idea that someone can endure an overall trauma from many individual semi-traumas. for instance, learning the truth about our military and the horrors they commit could be somewhat traumatic for someone. what I'm trying to say is trauma isn't always linked to one thing, and most of us are at least a little messed up. nobody has a perfect life.

    • What trauma could someone at such a young age as that kid and with good parents endured? I can't think of any.

    • maybe he had his first encounter with death, like witnessing an animal die

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