Do you believe that you get your iq from your mom?

i recently took an online iq test (a somewhat good one)
and got 125.
i remember my mom saying she got 120, when she took one, not online.
first off, i want to clarify that i dont believe that iq is the ultimate measurement of intelligence, and sure as hell not for smartness.
but i do think it has something to do with being able to do logical problems fast.
recognizing problems and solutions, understanding patterns, etc.
i do remember hearing that you get your moms intelligence.
i kind of think that it may be true, in my case. my dads pretty smart, but more in regards of resourcefullness and street smarts, and other stuff. purely problem solving, i think my mum is a bit better.

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We're talking online. I don't bother adding apostrophes everywhere and i comment a lot, so i dont always check or even type perfectly. I make sure im understood, which shouldn't be too hard for someone of your intellect. Wait , dont tell me that you're pissed that i didn't add the apostrophe in the previous you are.
Okay so you know 5 languages, you got me beat 😊.
(curious as to how you will misinterpret that as an offence)
- this is all directed at superchick
And for your information, i did get straight A's in English.
I know i dont know everything at my age, im learning stuff and i respect my elders. Even advise from guys 2-3 olders seem useful to me, as long as they are being genuine.
I just tought thats how younger people felt when i say it too.
There is no such thing as an ageist. You need to be more humble and learn to be graceful in listening to your elders. You claim you are humble, but all you seem to me right now is to be a spoilt brat


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    • Here's the thing about IQ-

      "Intelligence quotient" can be thought of as "intelligence potential." It is a measure attempting to put a number on the possible cognitive ability you may have, but it says absolutely nothing about how you use it. Having a base capacity for ability is great, but is pretty irrelevant until put to use and "tested" in the context of reality.

      This is why anyone doing a full psych evaluation and testing gives a battery of measures. Having a full, functional picture, of an individual is the goal. Why? Because someone with significant behavior problems may have a high IQ, but isn't able to access it in life. Their behavior prevents them from ever reaching their potential.

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    • Lol, sorry. I'm a nerd about this stuff

    • dont worry. thats a good thing

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  • I don't know. My mom's IQ was verified at 157. She did the official MENSA tests under exam conditions at the local university and hence she is a member of MENSA. I like to think that I'm smarter than her to be honest, lol!

    I don't put too much weight on IQ score as a measure of what I would define as overall intelligence. It is a measure of a certain kind of logic and reasoning. If you are great with logic puzzles then you should do reasonably well on an IQ test.


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What Girls Said 3

  • iq isn't about intelligence. it's actually about the efficiency in which you learn. it doesn't matter where it's applied because it's universal. it's also genetics from BOTH parents

  • I did a standard IQ test and I got 131. My parents have not taken an IQ test so I don't know.

    • Really smart at 15

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    • And i know 4 languages and can spell and know grammar perfectly.
      So dont go there..

    • I speak 5 languages, what's next? Don't try me. Also, I am humble. I don't like backhanded compliments from ageists, that's all. Have you ever thought of stopping this act? Why don't you stop judging people on their age since it offends them? Besides, if you want to play that game, you're only 21 years old, so stop acting as though you're 60 and have life all figured out.
      In which world is your grammar perfect. You don't capitalize your letter I's and you forget the apostrophe in don't. Clearly you had straight A's in school. Not.
      Anyways, I don't feel like arguing with you anymore. So ciao. Also, if you would like to know, Mr. Brainiac, English is my second language and I have proper grammar and spelling, along with sentence structure. So don't even try.

  • I kept retaking an online IQ test and did better every time. I have traits from both my parents. It depends on environment and natural ability.

    • Was it the same test? If its the same test, you will get better with timr, you need to switch up different tests.
      And yeah, i agree with you

What Guys Said 4

  • I don't think so, both my parents scored in IQ tests 126 whereas I scored 178 and well my sisters have IQs of 81 and 86. Though it could've come from my mother's side because my uncle scored 176. So you could actually be right there but I won't create a deduction without further analysis

    • yeah. i think havequestions posted an interesting link on that matter.
      looks like its not just maternal

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    • could be anything, could be everything. We aren't really able to determine what exactly contributes to it.

  • I don't think I get my iq from either parent. I'm very different from both of them when it comes to intelligence. I think some parents pass on certain skils to their children and some children learn stuff from seeing their mom and dad do it.

  • I feel dumb as fuck

  • My mum is an English teacher (lecturer) at a nearby college. She's a very clever woman. She won countless regional writing, poetry contests growing up. She corrects my grammar, she despises slang and she knows the spelling of everything
    I detested English passionately in school. I am however an exceptional mathematician. When annually tested I got the best mark in the year, every year throughout my school life. Took my final maths exam a year earlier than everyone else my age and my grade was in the top 1% in the country. It's been 10 years since I did any real maths and would need to refresh my methods for definate. But my arithmetic is still sharp, mind still works as well it did


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