Difference between University And college?

pls this has baffled me for some time and I would like to know the difference between the both

why do people keep going to college and why does university get left out?

help me out am confused Difference between University And college?


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  • In Canada college is more applicable skills and university is more academic. University delves more into theory than college (though I know college does do a bit of theory). Colleges usually hand out certificates and diplomas, where university hands out degrees bachelors, masters and doctorate.

    • ooo I see why but is college easy to get admission into than university?

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    • thanks so much God bless you

    • No problem man. All is good

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  • There are two points to consider in UK.

    The first is that a University can be made up of individual colleges. Like at Cambridge University, there are King's College, Girton College and many others.

    The second is that there are individual colleges that deal with practical qualifications and are not affiliated to a university. There are also Sixth Form colleges, which are en extension of ordinary schools.

  • College and university mean the same thing in the U. S. except that universities usually have Master's programs and can be made up of different colleges for specific fields.


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